PRIOR-DESIGN PD458 Aero-Kit for Ferrari Italia F458 | ROTIFORM WHEELS

Ferrari F458 Italia equipped with PRIOR-DESIGN PD458 Aero-Kit & ROTIFORM Wheels

Aerodynamic-Kit includes:
– PD458 Front Bumper
– Front Spoiler Lip for PD458 Front Bumper
– PD458 Rear Bumper
– Rear Add-on Spoiler/Diffusor for PD458 Rear Bumper
– PD458 Side Skirts
– Add-on Lip Spoiler for PD458 Side Skirts
– PD458 Bonnet
– PD458 Rear Trunk Spoiler
– PD458 Rear Vent Inserts
– PD458 Cup Wings

More info & photos:

PRIOR-DESIGN Exclusive Aerodynamics

Category: Ferrari

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